Den STORA cykelfesten


In 2017 I had a grand vision – a massive celebration to the bicycle-way-of doing-things and it’s multiplicity of users!

I could picture a parade of bicycles stretching at least a kilometer. I heard samba rhytms and bicycle bells ”plinging”. And I thought it would be a nice idea if that parade would gather somewhere and all of the people involved could exchange ideas, talk about bicycles and related issues. Perhaps while eating together, with live music in the background and performances from a stage.

After having presented the idea to the local organisation Biketown Umeå, we were soon planning for it and applying for funding.
It was a lot of work, and by the afternoon of the 6th of June in 2018, we could’nt have been happier as the festival reached it’s end!

The highly successive festival saw an even better edition in 2019, with ideal weather, lots of visitors and great performers on and outside of the stage.
2020 is the year of Corona, but hopefully this big bike party will be realized in the coming years!

Photo credit: Jennie Wadman, Owen Laws, Jennifer Blomberg, Sylvia Nordebo