Large Blog ImageI must be dreaming, as this world can’t be true. This moment in human and planetary history is extraordinary beyond words. Fantastically wondreous and nightmarish at the same time. We see glimpses of hope in amazing technological achivements, scientific discoveries, shifts in cultural values and impressive grass roots activism. At the same time: A greatly unfair and unequal human society which adds even more conflicts, destroys landsbases and invests in military spending far beyond any sense.

As the scale of our influence has grown so powerful, we have made ourselves a new era. We are presently in the geological epoch known as the Anthropocene, which means that humanity has become a major planetary force able to affect our host in powerful ways. The planet is a global commons, which we are currently pressuring in disastrous ways: We are losing whole species in a horrific rate of biodiversity loss. We see devastating degradation of air quality, soil and freshwater. There are terrible amounts of chemical compounds released. There is climate change, the unsustainable mining of oil, gas and phosphorus and an ozone layer which is rapidly being depleted.
Life on this planet can not be sustained if we progress any further on this path.
If we do not drastically change our views and our ways of being, life will be increasingly difficult and there will be no way of turning back.

This site gives you hope, dispair and perhaps new perspectives on life, as it is an overview of my artistic practice during the recent years. You’ll be able to read about my own insights made during these work processes, my artist statement and further information for those who’d like to dwell even deeper.

I also happily accept possible offers as a lecturer or leader in workshops or similar.
Also, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!