Do Not Cover

Do Not Cover / Ei Saa Peitää / Får ej övertäckas
At memorial day, Sep 28, 2014, several of the objects seen in the stills below, was placed out at different places in the city of Umeå and played simultaneously. The soundtrack consists of a heart beat sound mixed with radio traffic recorded during the time of the sinking of M/S Estonia in the Baltic Sea. (on it’s way from Tallin to Stockholm. Sep 28, 1994)

852 people died, 137 people survived
The ship was in a bad condition and the wheather was harsh – waves estimated to 4-6m and winds meassuring 15-20m/s. Later investigations in 2004, revealed that M/S Estonia had been used by Swedish authorities at several occasions for smuggling of Russian military equipment, during as late as September 14th and 20th (one week before the sinking), that year.
Swedish Customs, confirms that there was a top secret agreement of these shipments, but has no knowledge about any such transports being done during Sep 28.
The ferry used to traffic Umeå(Sweden)-Wasa(Finland) in 1992, after it became the great symbol of freedom for Estonia, that gained independence from Soviet/Russia as late as 1991 though the last remaining Russian troops withdraw August 31, 1994.

Heartbeat sound from speedenza__genuine-heartbeat-bass. The sound is released as Creative Commons: Non-commercial, Attribution, Share-Alike.

The whole tracked played in the installation is available on Soundcloud

Do Not Cover – documentation of installation by Alexander Svartvatten on Vimeo


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