A 10-min-head sculpted in Dilay


If you are new to 3D and sculpting, and think that all software you've seen is way too difficult, too cluttered and too advanced, then Dilay is for you!

The interface is really simple with key-commands shown all the time so that you can easily speed up your ambitions.
It's a small download and the software works good even with computers not-that advanced.

This example head was done within 10 minutes in my fist time using Dilay.

Simliar to Dilay is Sculptris, which is old, disappointing and buggy. Dilay is about sculpting only and it delivers well in that field. UV-mapping and texturing (coloring) has to be done in other kinds of software.
Files are saved in obj-format which can be used in all available 3D-applications.


As of july 2019, the current version is 1.9. It was uploaded in june 2018 and you can find it here: