Dolly & The Gelatin King

Dolly & the Gelatin King – documentation of installation by Alexander Svartvatten on Vimeo  
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For Dust You Are

Original title : Av jord är du kommen A 30 min film, set in an abandoned building in the city of Bergen, Norway and at the coutryside in the region of Västerbotten, Sweden. Actors: Natalie Hansson, Urban Westman, Håkan Joelson, Chatarina Carlén. Music composed for the film by Freja Wagner Aside from the conditions of the new world, there is a house inhabited by an old man. Emanating messages from a radioreceiver constitutes his only regular contact with the human world. Without it, he could never have known what is true to all mankind; That which divides dust from dust, distorts and conceals. Although the age of water was a long time ago, his field of vision is still diffused and his breathing is heavy. The fear of somebody uncovering these shortcomings of his, has placed him in a space inbetween worlds. At another location, a young woman able to breath in pace with water, has wakened up. Two houses, two individuals. So much in common, and yet so fumbling manners and sparse dialogue. Below the surface, a deep conflict is soon to awake. For Dust You Are / Av jord är du kommen on Vimeo.  
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