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Hi, I'm Alexander Svartvatten.
I visualise, make and mend. On my own but also together with others.
Interplay is where all my diverse creative stuff comes together - art and design, social projects, tutorials and reviews of valuable tools. Hopefully it will inspire some of you.

Feel free to write me back with your own ideas, work proposals, cooperative projects etc, or tell me if something I've done has helped you in some way - it always makes me happy to hear about!

Mail me by writing "alexander" followed by the "at-sign" and
Phone / SMS: +46(0)701112939

If you appreciate my work, please Support me!Support me with a modest donation through this simple payment service or $wish my number if you live in Sweden: 0701112939


Other sites

Hoj-O-Mat, which translates to Bike & Food, is the business that pays most of my bills and what I do the most these days.
It's about home made vegan food products such as cheese, tempeh, kimchi etc, but also all sorts of catering, delivering it to customers by bike. It's also the citys first and only bike café (only operative during warm non-rainy and not too windy summer days).
Hoj-O-Mat is equally much about fixing peoples bikes, by pedaling to the place of "accident" as a mobile bike reparateur - a unique service to the citizens of Umeå, by the north-east coast of Sweden.

I used to work with building websites, I occasionally still do and manage some of them, like the Massive Bike Festival, for which I also did the logotype.

For those of you interested in photography, some of my better and sometimes even commercially viable photos are available to see and buy at MostPhotos:

I was the project manager for a large one-month "survival"-festival - Survival Kit Umeå, bringing together art, music, food and social interactions in 2014, during the European Capital of Culture...thing. My work was also logo-design and making of the website (no longer up and running)