Dolly & the Gelatin King

IntroductionThe omnipresence of the moving image, would never have been possible without the forced and extensive use of the non human animal through countless millenia, which exploded during the last century, mainly through the main vectors of war and film. Today, technology has advanced its positions even further, and extended its reach into the animal through genetic alteration. The human animal is in a movement of transforming all life, including itself, into still images set in motion.An illusion of natural movement. An illusion of life.Book excerptsp. 2The illusion of movement Why is the moving image, as seen in film, tv and computergames, so mesmerizing? Is it because of the illusion of movement or the light that it often projects more or less directly at the viewer? Or is it the ability of fooling with our perception, making us dwell and almost completely disappear into those other worlds, fabricated or "real"? Still images and especially moving images and the technology associated whith it, is closely related with war, as Paul Virilio so eloquently points out in his work.(1) To mention just a few examples: The similarity of the camera and the firearm and their common terminology. The need for light to […]
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