Coppercube 3D Engine

Bathroom in Coppercube

Short introduction

Coppercube website

Coppercube 6 is perfect for the non coding artist, for the newbie, and for everyone to make games or apps that need a 3D environment. It's also possible to make 2D games as one user recently proved it possible! From version 6 it has a free variant that is sufficient for most projects and easily compiles your work file for free into a playable file for PC, Mac, Android and WebGL.
Paid versions of Coppercube have a few more bells and whistles that most users can make without. Bying the software though, will make sure that Ambiera, will keep developing it further.

Coppercube is a fast starting software, intuitive with a fast workflow as long as it's used for relativly small sized projects. For larger scenes with many objects and behaviours, it will be increasingly difficult to survey.

Every game engine has it's limitations, but as long as you can adapt to the boundaries of Coppercube, you can achieve some really good results.

Coppercube has support for several languages. As I did the translation to Swedish I'd appreciate if Swedish users get in contact with me if they know more appropriate words for some sections. (I'm not to blame that some parts are still in English, as those are not able to be translated by the language files)

The screenshot shows a view in Coppercube's "edit mode", from one of my own projects.
Some of the objects have pre-lit textures that are baked in a separate 3D software (Blender). Other objects recieve their lighting from lights in coppercube (currently hidden).

Good features
  • FBX support for animated 3D files (+ MS3D, B3D, X)
  • Supports many formats for static 3D objects
  • Quick workflow for fast setup of relativly simple projects
  • Coppercube is a quick starting software and installation file is really small
  • CC exports your game/app to several platforms directly from the software and without any fees.
  • The free version is really free! Paid versions are only a few more bells and whistle that most game makers can live without.
  • It's a great tool for beginners and for smaller projetcts
  • You don't need to code in order to build, but if you have good hands with javascript, it can come to good use!
To whish for
  • The interface needs rework in order to keep a decent overview and a fast workflow even when working on larger and more advanced projects. Among many things, it would be a dream come true if behaviours, when many, could be easier to grasp and edit; an ability to "tab" through input fields, etc
  • Other basic features that could be much helpful: snap to surface or snap to object (when inserting/dragging objects). Mirrors. Directable lights which could make for better flashlight effects or street lights, etc. Ability to lock an objects position in edit mode, tick box to easily hide mouse pointer in game, etc
  • The graphics renderer does not allow for advanced graphics (Direct3D 9 without PBR support). Support for D3D 11 is in the pipeline though.
  • Dynamic shadows could be better and shadow for animated mesh is not supported, the latter seems to be on it's way though.
  • The path system to move objects/characters needs improvement in order to make more advanced movement.
  • Appreciated would also be the possibility to have a "friendly follower", like a dog or baloon or whatever, to follow the main game character, heading in the same direction and within a specifed radius. Ideally one could also be able to switch to this follower as the active player, and back again.

I've made some tutorials and will be making more of them. Some of which shows you some rather unknown possibilites and work-arounds. Also some basic ones, as well as tutorials that bridge the workflow between Coppercube and other great software for 3D modelling, texturing and animation. You might also make requests 🙂
All tutorials are collected below on this page.

Other great resources for Coppercube tutorials are: