Some of the most awesome things we can do, is to make, discover and learn. As we take part of such awesomeness, most of us feel much grateful and feel obliged to give back, to share what ever we know, so that it will benefit others.
Interplay aims to be a part of this fine tradition.
And why don't you too? 🙂

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Alexander Svartvatten

InterPlay is made by, Alexander Svartvatten, sharing some of my better work from different fields, methods of work, tutorials and reviews of valuable tools and a bunch of ideas that hopefully inspires.

Feel free to write me back with your own ideas, or tell me if something I've done has helped you in some way - it always makes me happy to hear about!

Other sites

I also operate Hoj-O-Mat, which is translated as Bike & Food -  a twin service business that sells home made vegan food products such as cheese and tempeh, but also all sorts of catering, pedal delivering it to customers by bike in my home town. During summer time, it's also the citys first and only bike operated mobile café!
The other "twin" of this brand is all about fixing peoples bikes, by pedaling to the place of "accident" as a mobile bike reparateur.