A Work in Progress

This work is in rapid progression and part of it’s first chapter will be shown in January 2018 at the Meat Inspection (Köttinspektionen) in Uppsala, Sweden.
Work title is not decided as of yet. However, the title for the whole group exhibition, ”If I cannot inspire love, I will cause fear”, is a quote from Frankenstein, the novel which was written by Mary Shelley exactly 200 years ago.

The art piece is an installation composited by two main parts: A digital ”game” or ”interactive film”, mainly developed with Blender 3D and Coppercube, which is screened on a wall. The other part includes physical objects which can also be seen digitally on the screen.

The audience is invited to play, one by one. From the view of first perspective, you may raise one of your hands flat in the air to move around in 3D space. By closing you hand into a fist, you will be able to push, pull, select things, make choices.
Some of the objects in the installation will be connected to the game, so if they are touched, something might happen on the screen. (Sensors for movement in the game as well as touchable objects are made possible by the use of and Xbox Kinect One and a MakeyMakey).

As Frankenstein was once made, so is also this artwork. It makes use of the ”creative commons” by blending free parts made by others into something new, which also includes recorded movements applied to characters which are seen in the work.
Although this is an installation version, it will later also be released as a playable game for PC/MAC and perhaps also other devices.